Australia’s cheap swimming pool floats will cost $20 million, say environmentalists

Australia’s cheap swimming pool floats will cost $20 million, say environmentalists

June 15, 2021 Comments Off on Australia’s cheap swimming pool floats will cost $20 million, say environmentalists By admin

The Australian Government has announced it will spend $20m to create a new low-cost swimming pool float in Adelaide’s west.

Key points:The Government has signed a deal with an Australian developer to build a low-income swimming pool in AdelaideThe project is to cost $25mThe government hopes the floating pool will help improve access to community poolsThe float will be located on the Adelaide River and has already received a certificate of public convenience and necessityThe project was announced by Environment Minister Greg Hunt in Adelaide today.

“The Government is pleased to announce that we have signed an agreement with the developer to construct a new floating pool in the city of Adelaide,” he said.

“This will be a low income pool which will be open to the public for free.”

He said the government hoped the floating pond would help improve the access to local community pools.

“We will be able to offer a wide range of recreational activities including swimming and recreational activities for people of all ages, but we are also looking at the potential for swimming for those with disabilities,” Mr Hunt said.’

We will provide access to our community pools for those in need’Mr Hunt said the project was also part of a national strategy to boost access to affordable pools.

The Adelaide River has long been plagued by a lack of recreational swimming, and the floating project is part of the Government’s plan to make the river accessible to more people.

“There are some local community pool operators who will have a pool that will be accessible to the general public, but it will be very low income,” Mr Cook said.

“We will create a swimming pool for low income people.”

The floating pool project is being developed by a developer who is based in Perth.

The company has signed an environmental permit to build the floating float, but will need a further $20million to make it operational.

“In total we will be building a floating pool which has been built to provide low income access for people who are not able to swim,” Mr Hunter said.


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