Florida man convicted of selling baby formula to undercover agent

Florida man convicted of selling baby formula to undercover agent

June 20, 2021 Comments Off on Florida man convicted of selling baby formula to undercover agent By admin

A Florida man has been convicted of felony child pornography and conspiracy charges in connection with the sale of baby formula, the Orange County District Attorney’s Office announced on Monday.

The Orange County Superior Court jury convicted 24-year-old Michael DeRozan on the charges stemming from his role in a child pornography ring in Orange County that operated from February 2015 to June 2017.

DeRozano, who is originally from Atlanta, was arrested last month after federal agents raided his home in the Orange Park section of Orlando.

The investigation began after undercover agents posing as a drug dealer for an undercover drug task force came across a website where they purchased infant formula from DeRosan.

DeRosazan is also accused of running a child exploitation ring that operated out of his home, prosecutors said.

DeRozosan was arrested after federal authorities learned he had purchased and sold baby formula online.

He pleaded guilty to child exploitation and conspiracy in July.

DeRozosans sentencing is scheduled for January 20.

DeRosas probation was suspended while the investigation was ongoing, the prosecutor’s office said.

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