nine new swim,baby swim,choiree adult swim,swimming pool at lake

nine new swim,baby swim,choiree adult swim,swimming pool at lake

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Posted August 14, 2018 11:12:50It’s the latest in the growing trend of baby swimming lessons at Lake Nogales.

The North Coast Swim and Play Center in Nogals will open this fall with a baby swimming pool that’s a replica of a swimming pool at Lake Texoma.

The pool will feature live music, family-friendly activities and an adult swim course.

The center is in a part of town where swimming is popular, and it’s a nice way to introduce people to the sport, said Jennifer Jones, a certified adult swim instructor and director of the center.

“It’s a great way to get people to get into the sport and be a part, and a great place to get in contact with the local community,” she said.

Jones said the facility will be open during summer and fall to adults ages 6 to 18 and is open to the public.

A large pool table is available for children age 2 to 10.

Kids can also swim at the North Coast swim and play center, located at 5800 East Loop 520 East in Noganville.

The center is open every day of the week and offers swim lessons, lessons in swimming skills and swimming lessons.

The water at the pool will be cold but safe for kids.

“There’s a lot of safety precautions in place to make sure you’re safe,” Jones said.

The swim pool will have a pool table and water for children.

There will be two swim lessons a day, which are two classes per day.

“We’re definitely looking forward to welcoming our community to our new facility,” said Steve Kastel, executive director of Nogas Recreation and Parks.

The facility will have lessons for children and adults ages 5 to 12 and is located near the recreation center and other recreation facilities.

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