This is a playground for parents and kids to play outdoors

This is a playground for parents and kids to play outdoors

August 25, 2021 Comments Off on This is a playground for parents and kids to play outdoors By admin

A playground in Australia’s northern beaches could soon be getting a facelift, as part of a $2 million project to beautify the area.

A large group of surfers are planning to build a beachside playground for the children of local families in the Bayswater area.

The surfers say the project would provide a place for them to get their hands dirty and play with their children, as well as provide a new venue for family picnics and beach parties.

“It’s going to provide a great environment for surfers, it’s going [to] give us a place where they can get their surf on, where they could do the backyard surfing and they can play with the kids,” Surfers Australia’s Chris Scott told AAP.

“They’re also going to be able to do all sorts of activities around the surf spot that we don’t have in the city.”

The surf team will build a new playground for surf and water sports.

They are currently constructing a small surf beach, but they say it’s important for their community to have a place to come out and surf and get their fitness.

“There’s a big difference in the amount of time you can surf, whether you’re at the beach or on the water, it depends on what you’re doing at that time,” Scott said.

“So it’s really important that we have a small amount of beach, which is going to give people an opportunity to do something outside of the water.”

The project is being funded by Surfers for the Environment, which says the project could create a million jobs.

“This is a very significant investment for Australia’s surfing community,” the group said in a statement.

“The cost of this project could be as high as $2 billion, with a net benefit of more than $3 billion.”

The group is also calling on surfers to join the project, as they say the playground will provide a safe, fun and welcoming place for people to come and surf.

“We’re looking forward to this project being a success, as surfers from across the country have shown us that they love the opportunity to play with our children, and that it’s a great experience for them and their families,” Surfies Australia director of marketing Andrew Glynn said.

Development Is Supported By

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