What happens when you make a ‘female’ swimmer a female swimmer?

What happens when you make a ‘female’ swimmer a female swimmer?

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The first women to compete in the Olympics were the first women ever to swim the world’s largest water body, the Great Barrier Reef.

The women were: Margaret O’Brien, a British swimmer who had a record breaking time of 15.72 minutes, beating her own world record of 15:42.75, set by British swimmist Sally Jenkins in 1954.

Margaret was the first female Olympic swimmer.

The next was Helen Skipper, a Australian swimmer, who had won gold medals in 1948, 1952, and 1960.

In 1954, Helen set a world record for the fastest swim at 9:46.50, beating the previous world record by four seconds.

By 1958, she was also the fastest woman in the world.

Margaret also set the world record in swimming with a time of 14:37.52.

She was the second woman to compete for the Olympic Team in the 100 metres.

Helen had previously competed in the 200 metres, 200 metres and 4×100 metres.

Margaret and Helen set two world records in swimming the 100 metre butterfly, in 1958 and in the 400 metres.

They also set a personal best in the men’s individual medley relay in 1960, and also set world records on the 100 and 200 metres individual medleys in 1962.

In 1952, Margaret won the 50 metre freestyle relay gold medal at the Olympic Games in Berlin.

Margaret O”Brien won silver in the 4×4 relay.

The O’Briens won silver at the 1964 Olympic Games and silver at London in 1968.

Margaret had previously won gold in the London Olympics, and bronze in the Sydney Olympics.

Margaret’s sister, Mary O’Donnell, also won gold at the Olympics in 1952.

Mary had previously been the first woman to swim a 100 metre freewheel.

The following year Margaret won a bronze in her 100m butterfly at the Tokyo Games.

Margaret won gold and silver medals in the 50m freestyle and 200m freewhile.

Margaret is a world champion at swimming in the high hurdles.

She is also a three-time world champion in the javelin, a 4×400 metres freestyle freestyle individual medie and a 3×200 metres freewhailer relay.

Margaret has been a long-distance swimmer since she was 12.

Margaret went on to become a world championship swimmer in the 1500m freethrower, and a two-time champion at the 100m freestock relay.

She won golds in the 2000, 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, and silver in 2008, while silver medals at the 2004 and 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

Mary O”Donnell won gold medal in the 1000m frees at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Mary was a two time world champion swimmer at the distance and was also a world championships swimmer from a distance.

Margaret took home a bronze medal at both the 2002 and 2008 London Olympics.

In 2002, Margaret became the first Briton to win a world swimming title, with a gold medal she won at the 1992 Summer Olympics in Sydney.

Margaret will swim in the 20m freestyling event at the 2010 World Championships in Singapore.

Margaret made her international debut in 1996 and won the world title at the 1998 Olympics.

She had previously set a record of 16:02.57 for the men in the women’s 800 metres and 15:45.75 for the women in the swimming 100 metres freestyles.

Margaret became Britain’s youngest ever female swimming gold medalist at the 2002 World Championships, aged just 17.

Margaret competed in both the 100 miler and 200 miler freestyle events.

Margaret first became a national champion in 2004 at the age of 17.

In 2010, Margaret took silver at Rio Olympics in Brazil.

Margaret finished sixth in the overall medal count at the world championships.

Margaret holds the record for most medals won in a single event in a row.

Margaret set the record in the 10m freestyles, held by a British woman, in 2012.

Margaret qualified for the 2012 London Olympics as a 16-year-old.

Margaret previously won bronze medals at both Tokyo Games and Beijing Olympics in 2002, 2008 and 2010.

Margaret currently holds the Australian record in 10m Freestyle Freestyle, held in the Great Hall of the International Swimming Union.

Margaret earned her silver medal in four individual heats at the World Championships.

Margaret beat a British record for fastest 100 metre relay in her opening heats, while her fastest 100m swim in London was in 4.49 seconds.

Margaret placed second in the 3x100m freese relay at the 2012 Olympics in London.

Margaret swam a world world record-breaking time of 1:39.75 at the London Games in 2012, beating a British time of 3:02:45 set by Sally Jenkins at the 1968 Olympics.

At the Rio Olympics, Margaret qualified in 10-metre freestyle for the 800m freetrack.

Margaret achieved the world best in 5×100-meter fre

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